Getting Plump Lips By Means of Cosmetics

Many people are craving the super full lips that reality stars such as Kylie Jenner boast. Luckily if you aren't quite ready to go down the surgical route, there are a lot of ways that you can fake the perfect pout with cosmetics. Here are some tips. 

Overlining the lips

One of the most popular techniques to make your lips look fuller is to slightly overline the lips by drawing a line just on the outside of the lips with a similar colour liner to your lipstick. Not only does this make your lips look subtly bigger it can also help lipstick stay on the lips and not bleed into fine lines around the mouth creating a more defined look. 

The 3D effect

Another way to make your lips look fuller and plumber is to create an ombre effect, where you use a lighter shade in the middle of the lips and blend this with your normal lipstick. If you choose a subtly lighter shade this will create a visual illusion that the middle of the lips is closer to the viewer, making the lips look fuller. If you cannot find a lighter shade you can try lining the lips with a slightly lighter shade in the centre, to help the lips to look fuller. 

Satin finish lipsticks

While matte effect lipsticks are currently very popular due to their long staying power, these can have a relatively 'flat' look which can be an issue if you have small lips. Instead, to maximise the fullness of the lips, it can be a good idea to use a satin finish (or similar) lipstick which can help to pick up and reflect light creating a fuller appearance of the lips. These lipsticks also tend to more moisturising, which can help lips to appear more full.

Lip conditioning

Another thing that can make lips appear small than they are is overall dehydration and dead skin. Regular exfloiating the lips with an old toothbrish and a home made exfoliant made of equal part olive oil, honey and white sugar can lift off dead skin and allow a natural lip shape to emerge. There are also several cosmetic lip conditioning products that can artficially enhance lips temporarily such as products that use mint oils and cinnamon. Use with care as these products can be irritating on senstive skin.

If you are looking for advice on how to enhance your lip shape with cosmetics you shoudl talk to a beauty therapist for some professional advice.