How to Light Your Way to Profits with Good Hair Salon Lighting

Hairdressing is all about looks: what use is a gorgeous cut or beautiful colour if your clients can't see it? There are so many reasons why good lighting is important in a hair salon, from making sure greys are covered to ensuring hair is trimmed straight. Creating an inviting ambience if you want an environment that keeps patrons coming back. When you talk to your hairdressing furniture supplier about your interior, make sure to keep these 3 tips in mind to ensure your lighting is as lustrous as your customers' locks.

1. Colour Accuracy 

Many people perceive white lighting as harsh and clinical. When you're trying to create a warm and friendly ambience, it's tempting to gravitate towards yellow, orange, and even red or pink tones. While these lighting colours are great for waiting areas and front desks, bulbs in your task areas that are even slightly off-white will affect the way your clients perceive their hair colour. Make sure your cutting and colouring zones are lit with pure white bulbs. Bright halogen spotlights are usually adequate. If you feel the overhead white lighting is too harsh and unpleasant for seated customers, try adding some dimmer yellow-toned wall lights at eye-level to reduce shadows and make the area feel warm. In non-task areas, anything goes as long as it matches your theme. If you're struggling for lighting colour ideas, remember that psychology says blue increases customer loyalty by 15% and purple can increase the perceived value of a product or service.

2. Complementary Furniture

A big part of good lighting is reflection, so it's important to ensure that the rest of your furnishings complement your light choices. For example, the combination of a reflective white shampoo sink and white lighting create the perfect viewing area to determine your client's hair colour. The same goes for white cabinets at your retail area. Even if you use dim, coloured lighting here, a white unit will appear brighter than the rest of the area, drawing customers in to make a purchase. Starbucks uses the same tactic to encourage customers to buy merchandise. Try to remember this in every aspect of your design: go for light walls over dark walls, and opt for polished stone countertops with shiny surfaces.

3. Cost Efficiency

Fitting out a hairdressers costs a lot of money, so you may want to save as much as you can down the line by opting for energy-efficient lighting. Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFLs) are a good substitute for halogen lights. They have great colour rendering ability and use 75 to 80% less electricity than a traditional bulb. LEDs are also a great choice, especially for spotlights. By using less electricity, these bulbs cut down the cost of your bills. You'll even be doing the environment a favour at the same time, and being eco-friendly is a great helping hand for your salon branding.