What You Need to Know About Choosing Salon Aprons

You wear protective garments at home when cooking or performing activities like gardening so that your clothes stay clean. Most professions require some workwear for various reasons. Therefore, hairstylists and barbers in your new salon will need salon aprons in their daily operations. You probably know this already, but what will you consider when choosing the right salon aprons for your employees? Before you contact a supplier, here are things you can look at to give you an idea of the kind of salon aprons that your hairstylists or barbers will need.


Your barbers or stylists have to protect themselves from chemicals used on clients' hair as well as protect their clothes so they maintain their neatness and remain presentable throughout their workday. Knowing this will give you an idea of the type of salon aprons you need to order from your supplier. In this case, you may want to ensure that the aprons you're getting are waterproof and extra-long, if possible up to the ankles, to offer your employees maximum protection of their clothes from chemicals or from being wet while they wash a client's hair.

The aprons could be stained with chemicals while washing or styling a client's hair and your stylist may have to clean it or get a fresh one. In such a situation, will you need disposable aprons? Evaluate the costs of replacing them daily versus your business goals to know whether having such aprons will make business sense.


Will your employees prefer aprons with pockets or those without? Aprons with pockets all around may be more useful and convenient for storing salon tools like hairsprays, scissors, or combs for easy access. This can save time because your employees may just remain at their working areas until they're done with clients. It doesn't mean that they'll be stuck at the same place all day, but having some of the tools in their pockets can create some level of orderliness at the workplace because they won't have to move around every time they're in need of the tools.

You may want the aprons to feature the logo as well as the name of your salon. Perhaps you also want to include the name of the stylists on the aprons to personalize the touch and enhance their relationship with the clients. Such factors can assist you to choose aprons whose design is suitable for your business.


Uniforms can make your salon look organized and attract customers. However, allowing your stylists to display their levels of individuality by choosing their own aprons may still create a distinctive atmosphere in your salon. Therefore, discuss uniformity with your employees before contacting a supplier to help you choose the most suitable option for them and your business as well. 

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