Five Must-Have Salon Supplies And Why Your Salon Needs Them

When you are outfitting your salon, you may think of the basics like curlers and hair dryers. What you may overlook are the must-haves that keep your salon looking and functioning great. If you are outfitting your new shop, there are five supplies to consider as must-haves. Here are the five that your shop needs, as well as information about why you need them and how they can make your salon great.

Tile Vacuum

Hair, dust, dirt and other debris are common to find in the bin of a salon. You can use a broom to sweep up all the mess that can be left behind from a client appointment, but consider using a tile vacuum. These can pick up all manner of debris without stirring up dust and adding more to the air than you do to the bin. You can keep one at each station or have one for the entire shop. These are also great for quick clean-up when you may not have time to grab a dust pan and broom.

Children's Styling Chair

When you offer children's haircuts and services, you want to make sure they are as calm as possible during the experience. This can be difficult if they are sitting in a regular chair with a booster seat. Instead of dealing with that, consider buying at least one styling chair geared for children. These are fun and give the child something to do that keeps them occupied during the cut. For example, a fire engine car chair lets you style their hair while they pretend to drive the truck or push the buttons.

Appliance Holder

Most salons have appliance holders built into the station. Sometimes your stylists may have more than just a few appliances to store, especially if they offer speciality services like hair wrapping or extensions. Having speciality appliance holders available at each station or in the storage room offers your stylists the ability to access all the appliances they need easily, without creating a hazardous work area for them or for their clients.

Hair Colour Swatches

If you offer hair colouring services then a must-have is a swatch wheel or sample. This is a great way to let your client choose the colour they want in the right shade for them. These can be kept in the store room, at the counter or at each station that offers colour treatments.

Children's Play Area

You may not think of a play area as part of your salon supplies, but if you cater to busy parents then this could be a life saver. You can have a few toys for the kids to play with and you can put a small baby gate around the area. This keeps the children safe and secure while mum or dad has their appointment.

These are just a few salon supplies that are must=haves for many salons. There are hundreds more available at your local salon supply store. Remember when you buy supplies to keep your clients in mind and consider what they would want in their favourite salon. For more information, visit a retailer like South West Salon Supplies.